What Makes a Commercial Refrigerator Stop Working?

Blog | Feb. 5th, 2021 | By GP-PartsDirect

Your commercial refrigerator’s compressor motor is what helps it maintain a cool temperature. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. If you hear loud noises coming from the refrigerator when it turns on or off, or it isn’t cooling the way it should, it’s likely a problem with the compressor motor. It may have bad bearings or simply need to be replaced, so contacting a foodservice equipment technician ASAP is recommended.

  Coolant Leaks

Another important component in keeping your refrigerated items at the right temperature is your commercial refrigerator’s coolant. Over time, things like loose hoses or leaks can create problems, lessening your refrigerator’s effectiveness. Moving it too much can also cause leaks.

  Installation Issues

If you’ve recently purchased a new commercial refrigerator or moved locations, please note that you can’t simply plug in your fridge and expect it to begin working immediately. This is because you need to allow the coolant in its refrigeration system time to settle. Also, be sure that the area where it’s installed provides ample room for air circulation around its exhaust motor.

  For those who want to correct these issues themselves, they can order OEM parts directly from GP-PartsDirect, or contact our service team to help them perform repairs.

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For those in need of replacement parts, GP-PartsDirect carries an extensive inventory of commercial refrigerator parts. For ordering information, visit us online or call 1 (888) 498-1238.

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