Being a Parts Specialist

Blog | Sept. 22nd, 2020 | By Andy Barnaal – Parts Sales Manager

GP-PartsDirect is the parts distribution and parts retail division of General Parts, we have been serving the foodservice equipment repair industry for over 80 years. Critical to our service offering are our Parts Specialists who we like to think of as an extra pair of hands for our customers! We are proud of our Parts Specialist team and wanted to shine a light of what their role involves.

How We Deliver Quality Service & Parts

The role of a Parts Specialists is to ensure delivery of excellent customer service through fast communication and the accurate processing of part orders both for our customers and service colleagues. They wear many hats during their workday!

Their primary responsibility is taking parts orders from our customers and making sure the orders are accurately processed and shipped to the customers’ expectations. On top of this they also help to maintain inventory, research the right parts from hundreds of manuals, communicate with the factories to find parts, provide quotes, assist with invoicing, and are ready to answer the next phone call or email that comes in.

They are also part of our sales team and are comfortable making outbound calls, working with partners, generating interest, qualifying prospects, and closing sales. Building these relationships with customers and manufacturers is extremely important to ensure we can go that extra mile when timelines are tight, and the pressure is on to get a critical piece of equipment fixed as fast as possible. Moreover, they are also an important knowledge source for our customers and must keep a finger on the pulse of what is going on in the industry which includes internal training as well as manufacturer training. Phew!

the Foodservice Parts You Need Today

Did you know that our Parts Specialist have an average tenure of twelve years in the industry finding parts for customers? Three of our Parts Specialists have been here twenty years! That is A LOT of parts knowledge and experience in helping customers to find the right part! Taking pride in our customer service is what it is all about here at GP-PartsDirect.

So, if you are looking for a parts supplier that is a partner and that extra pair of hands then give us a call at (888) 498-1238

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customer testimonials


    Hey Joe...I just wanted to say that I appreciate your quick responses to my questions....I appreciate that you take extra good care of us at Engels. Have a great Tues....


    Just wanted to drop you a line concerning one of your parts reps, her name is Linda Crimm. Linda went above and beyond trying to find a part for me as well as having such a fun and pleasant disposition. Linda sent emails and tried to track down a certain bracket that I needed and was very helpful by sending pics back and forth with me until we succeeded. I realize may be part of her job but I just wanted to let you know what a pleasant experience finding an elusive part. She was great! Thank you for having a great employee as well as being knowledgeable.


    Hi Ivan...I just wanted to take a brief second to let you know how much I appreciate YOU...I know there are times that I seem short in my emails and I don't mean to be but I am just trying to get stuff done and move onto the next.
Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome to work with and I appreciate everything that you do. You are extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. Your communication is superior hands down!
Please forward onto your manager so they are aware that you are a huge asset
Have a great Weds...


    Hi Richard just want to drop you a line and let you know I am retiring as of May 13th. I do not know whom will be my successor for now you will be hearing from Brian Welsh. I want you to know it has been a real pleasure working with you. You have always went the extra mile to help me in any way you could. I will miss working with you. I will still have my cell number so if your ever up this way give me a call and I will buy you lunch. I know we have never met but it seems like we have known each other for years. Once again thanks for all the great service you have given me. Have a great summer.

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